Refereed Journal Articles

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Papers Under Review

Akarsu, M.Z., O. Gharehgozli (2023).The Impact of the War in Ukraine on European Union Currencies: A High-Frequency Analysis - This paper has made it to SSRN top ten list. -Revised and Resubmitted

Akarsu, M.Z. (2022) Income Inequality in Developed Countries, 1920 - 2018 - Revised and Resubmitted

Akarsu, M.Z., O. Gharehgozli, R.S. Dubey (2023).Wealth and Want: Income Inequality and Demand for Luxury Goods in the United States

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Akarsu, M.Z., O. Gharehgozli (2023). The Inflation-Inequality Connection in the European Union: U-Turn to Equity?

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Akarsu, M.Z., L. Goczek (2022) Income Inequality in Middle-Income Countries

Work in Progress

Akarsu, M.Z., M.B. Turgut, E. Secilmis (2023) Election Result and Economic Growth in Turkey

Akarsu, M.Z., L. Goczek (2023) The Nexus Between Income Inequality and Political Instability

Akarsu, M.Z., O. Gharehgozli, V. Atal (2023). Inequality of Purchasing Power in Europe